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A Message from Pastor Doug Schader:

As I look forward to my Ecclesiastical Council, and hopefully Ordination, I thought I would share with you a passage from my Ordination paper:

My grandfather was not a church going man.  He went once in a while, mostly Christmas, Easter, and weddings.  Yet, as I look back, I may have learned more about God from him than anyone else.  He has been gone now for almost twenty years, but my memory of him is so strong.  Grandpa was a farmer.  He would walk the farm many nights after supper.  I feel this was his time of prayer, to be close to the crops, outside, close to the soil, wildlife and the trees.  In some ways, I feel my grandpa may have been a mystic and so am I.  When outdoors, grandpa saw God in everything around him.  I remember him sharing with me what he loved about farming.  He said there is something so special about putting a seed in the ground, covering it up and letting God do the rest.  I feel for grandpa, every seed that sprouted was a little miracle.  As I remember, he never liked to give up on a crop.  He would pick it and pick it until you could absolutely get nothing more.  Some folks thought he was greedy, trying to get the very last dime out of every crop.  I feel he loved God so much, he tried to get the most out of the gift of every little miracle.  While no church can contain God, this was the God of my grandfather.

My grandfather was filled with love, especially for his family.  This became so evident his last year.  He made sure my grandmother and everyone was okay and then with all his chidren at his side, he went home.  He died of cancer.  In his death, I learned that this is as much of the journey of faith as living.  While he could have tried for more tests, experimental drugs, and treatments, grandpa seemed to say, "I've gotten the most out of this little miracle, this life here, the harvest is over and it's time to return to God."

I would like to thank you all for the blessing you have been and continue to be on my journey.

Love--Blessing--Peace In Christ,

Pastor Doug