Benevolence Offerings

  • Our Church's Wider Mission 
    goes toward the financial upkeep of the conference

  • Central Association Apportion 
    aides the Association running on the east coast, and assists us when looking for a new minister

  • One Great Hour of Sharing 
    $.95/dollar goes directly to the mission; $.05 goes for administrative needs

  • Neighbors in Need 
    1/3 goes towards American Indian Ministry; 2/3 goes toward Hunger Action Ministry and poverty

  • Phoebe-Devitt 
    offers ministry of love and caring for aging adults
  • Hoffman Home 
    helps trouble children who are patients of Hoffman Home

  • Community Benevolence
    "local" community disaster, love offerings
  • Veterans of the Cross 
    provides financial aide to retired and active ministers and their families with financial demands
  • Student Aide 
    assists UCC seminary students
  • Lancaster Theological Seminary 
    provides both theological education and building maintenance
  • Neighbors Helping Neighbors 
    addresses needs of local families
  • Hartman Center 
    maintenance of the church camp
  • Blankets 
    all monies collected go to the Church World Service

  • Lenten Coin Folders 
    all monies collected help to build the church treasury

  • Thank Offering Boxes 
    all monies collected help to build the church Benevolence treasury