Church Care and Condolence Committee

  • Sally Mazol (chair)

Church Communion Committee

  • Deb Rovenolt
  • Shirley Yost
  • Ruth Tanner

Church Constitution, By-Laws, Policies, and Procedures Committee

  • Georgia Laudenslager (chair)

Church Finance Committee

  • Laurie Grafius (co-chair)
  • Ruth Tanner (co-chair)

Church History Committee

  • Georgia Laudenslager (chair)

Church Music Committee

  • Karen Shrawder
  • Tom Snyder

Church Outreach Committee

  • Consistory
  • Women's Guild

Church Personnel Committee

  • Consistory

Church Property Committee

  • Jim Mazol
  • Sally Mazol
  • Lee Rovenolt

Pastoral Relations Committee

  • Consistory

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